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Water saving tips for business   by Enviro Saver Carbon Offsets

in Society / Environment    (submitted 2008-03-26)

A benefit of saving water that will enter the minds of most people before anything else is probably the advantage of saving money and while money is probably what is going to be saved, there are other benefits of saving fresh water both for humans and the natural world. Water is a precious resource and one that is unfortunately often taken for granted. While the continents are surrounded by water, only a small portion of the water on this planet is drinkable. This is why with the issue of global warming it is more important than ever to start conserving the Earth†s remaining natural fresh water.

There are a few benefits to saving water, most of which offer the chance to save money while helping to save the precious resource that has been taken for granted for so long. Less water used means that money normally paid to the disposal of waste water and the supply of water will be saved, because less water has to be disposed of and less water has to be supplied. Less water being used means less water that is being pumped out of the reservoirs, lakes and rivers where there is fresh water. The less water being pumped means that more energy is saved and less energy that puts carbon emissions into the air has to be used. Saving water also means that less waste water is being put back into the environment that might not have all been properly treated. Water that has not been properly treated pollutes the environment as well as the life within that environment that drink the water.

Now that some of the main benefits of saving water are clear, how can a business save water? There are a number of ways that a business can save water in order to help the environment as well as save a good amount of money. Some simple ways to help save water is to have the water pipes, taps and toilets checked regularly for leaks as a small leak in any of these areas can typically lead to huge amounts of water being wasted. Businesses that have showers, such as hotels, can put in water saving shower heads that decrease the amount of water flowing through them. Businesses can provide incentives to their employees for saving water. A business can even go further and have water conservation policies put into place that all employees must abide by. Install low flow taps. Installing your own water treatment system can also help as it will recycle the water that the business uses and actually help to save money as well.