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Using HESCO® Concertainers® Units Saves Time and Money   by John Moore

in Business    (submitted 2010-08-29)

A lot of time and money has already been spent on cleaning up the mess left behind by the BP oil spill. Since April, thousands of gallons of oil have spewed out into the Gulf of Mexico, causing a terrible environmental disaster. However, there are some companies out there trying methods of cleaning up the oil without spending too much time and money, but some are falling short of that goal. Using might be one answer to the problem. These units are packaged flat and can be joined together to form a strong wall-like structure with integrity that will stand up to any hydrocarbon spill, such as the BP one. They are made with geotextiles and have a pyramid design that gives it a stable core. The units are not only used for beach cleanup, but have been effective against floods, hurricanes, beach erosion and more. You can fill them with sand, crushed rock, granular material and earth. Also, you can join as many units together as you need, which is especially good for beaches that stretch for miles.

The best thing of all about the HESCO® Concertainer® Units is that they can also save time and money as well as the beaches. It takes about 20 minutes to assemble the units. If someone were to try to put up 1,500 flood sandbags for the same purpose, it would take about seven hours. In addition, it takes less people to assemble the units than it does 1,500 sandbags. Two people can do the job while it may take about 10 to put together the sandbags. This will cut down on labor costs tremendously and it will save time as well. The oil has been coming onshore in several places along the Gulf and has caused businesses to lose money and wildlife to die. Stopping the problem is key to preserving the beaches, its wildlife and the businesses that depend upon them. HESCO® Concertainers® Units are an answer that property owners need in a time like this.

Another good thing about the HESCO® Concertainers® Units is that you can add agents to it that will transform the oil into a solid that can even float on water. Enviro Bond 403 can change the oil from a liquid into a solid upon contact. This along with the HESCO® Concertainers® Units make a dynamic duo that will stop oil spills from ruining beaches and killing wildlife. Integrated Protection Systems (IPS) and Sterling Building Specialists are using the HESCO® Concertainers® Units in stopping the oil spill. For more, email