The Eureka Enviro Floor Steamer Leaves the Competition in the Dust

The Eureka 313a floor steamer is an awesome hard surface steamer. It works great on just about any hard floor surface such as wood, granite, tile and linoleum. The 313a's specialty is cleaning through tough dirt and grim, but it's also does wonders killing germs; great for those who have little ones playing on the floor. In fact, I feel so much better about my 9 month old crawling on the floor after using the Enviro Steamer. Speaking of my 9 month old, since owning the Eureka 313a, the time it takes me to clean my floors is cut in half, allowing more play time.

The Eureka Enviro Eliminates The Use Of Harsh Chemicals

By using the power of the 313a's steam technology, we've been able to eliminate the use of costly cleaning chemicals, which often leave residue on your flooring surface. Keep in mind most of these cleaning products cost between 6 to 8 dollars and often require multiple applications. When considering the money saved from eliminating the continual use of these chemicals, the small price paid for the Eureka Steamer is insignificant in comparison to the peace of mind it offers.

The Eureka 313a Steamer Tackles Stairs With Ease

If your home has hardwood stairs this thing will soon be your best friend. Ask yourself when the last time you tried cleaning a staircase. If you answered never, believe me when I say it's not a very pleasant experience. Especially when considering how difficult it can be when trying to clean the many corners of a staircase. If effectively cleaning a set of stairs was all this could do I would be happy with my purchase! Trust me, I truly hated cleaning my stairs before buying the Enviro Steamer.