Tell You The Basic Use Of Cold Room And Axial Fan

When we use the cold room freezer inside the cold room will find there will drop, this is why?

Wall inside the cold room compartment evaporator, compressor work, through the evaporator cooling temperature, so temperature is very low, it will produce frost phenomena, such as compressor shutdown, the frosting will melt gradually forming water droplets, then flow to the posterior wall of the cold room box below then water, to flow through the drainage holes then the compressor above the water box, and then the temperature slowly through the compressor evaporates.

In addition, if the cold room has water below, indicating by debris blocking the drainage holes, drainage holes should be clear in time Caixing.

The arrival of summer, many consumers find the home cold room freezer will freeze within the phenomenon, as high as 35 degrees of heat will occur, what is it for?

Relevant experts will be frozen for the cold room to explain this phenomenon is that axial fan it is cream of the process. High summer temperature, while the cold room temperature is very low, when people frequently open the cold room and they will both inside and outside the cold room There is a clear difference between the temperature and environment of water vapor in the cold room freezer suddenly freeze, pour cream Huawei , if not in time, over time it will form a thick layer of ice.

Regular ice frozen cold room, very power and take up too much freezer volume. Interior not to let the cold room ice, first in the fridge freezer ice melts and then coated the inside of the cold room oil, so the cold room will not freeze up.

Submersible axial fan flow pump: The motor-driven pump is axial fan totally enclosed diving dry three-phase asynchronous motors, can run a long-term immersion in water, with a series of incomparable benefits of traditional units.

As the motor and pump form one, do not work at the installation site for consumption, time-consuming motor, transmission, water pump axis on the assembly process, on-site installation easy and fast.

As the dive operation, can greatly simplify the pumping of real geotechnical and structural engineering to reduce the installation space, save construction cost of 30 ~40%.Haile Electric Industrial Co. Ltd, as a member of the Sino-Resource Group, is the leading manufacturer and exporter of cold room,axial fan,condensing unit,centrifugal fan,shaded pold motor and refrigeration products in China.

Low noise, no heat inside the pump station to improve the operating environment, may require completion of all underground pumping station, keeping the floor of the environmental outlook.

Easy to operate, easy to implement remote control and automation.