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(797, 'Flood control and drought related to people 39 s livelihood A quot scourge quot both highlighted the devastating floods but also reflects the importance of flood prevention work Also to flood flood alarm sounding everywhere Ministry of Water Resources is the organization of teams throughout the country to check the flood control and drought and water conservancy hub to view On the other hand has a sudden flood of work and the high urgency of flood prevention work nationwide emergency command more urgent According to the characteristics of flood control and drought the State Ministry of Water Resources set up the eventual adoption of the RADVISION platform for its video conferencing systems so as to establish an efficient flood control and drought remote command system flood control and drought emergency command emergency meetings which played a key role in empowering floods and other disasters the damage was reduced to a minimum the effective protection of people 39 s lives and property br br Application background Flood prevention work to the water system at all levels has brought about tremendous work pressure and video conferencing to greatly help flood control and drought remote command which is flood control and drought is closely related to their salient features First of all directly affected by flood prevention work geographical factors involved at all levels throughout the country staggered horizon some even distribution of traffic inconvenience which had necessitated by certain scientific and technological means to quot series quot up Second the flood control decision time requirements are high time is money and life and correct and timely decision making requires detailed and accurate data as the basis In addition the urgency of flood control work also to the stability of video conferencing systems require very high br br Structures based on RADVISION 39 s video conferencing platform with its powerful support features a good response to the needs of flood control work The system can break through geographical restrictions at all levels in the shortest possible time quot face to face quot communication to respond to emergency treatment data visualization capabilities can be shared could provide the basis for rapid decision making stability of the system to protect the work of command smoothly br br Applications The flood control and drought remote video conference system command and the Ministry of Water Resources to National Headquarters as the center long Committee the Yellow River Conservancy Committee the Huaihe Song Liaowei for the sub centers under the jurisdiction of seven river basin agencies Council and the four key projects 31 units in ministries and agencies Composition of the Ministry of Water Resources Four Valley Provincial Water Resources Department the corresponding business sector of the three video conferencing network A project with a total of 4 sets RADVISIONMCU platform In the RADVISION platform support the entire video conference system reflects the operation of efficient reliable compatible with other features br br Effective mainly in the powerful functionality System adopts the most advanced H 264 video encoding technology providing high quality video effects in bandwidth while the lowest rate Voice and video capabilities the system supports multiple mixing the same time to speak and to support the 9 sub screens 16 screens of 26 multi video display mode Unique dynamic dual video streaming capabilities can be the main venue of the main Camera images and the contents of the second road transport at the same time participants in addition to the main screen to watch the outside you can still see all the way DVD PC video recorder etc Shuangliu screen such as flood control and real time during the meeting are called dams rivers bridges real time monitoring images satellite images and other video signals for analysis The conference system has the drag look at the view function support for real time meetings Support MCU cascading can focus on large scale meeting of the Conference who are able to meet independently br br Stable and reliable the system architecture is simple clear uninterrupted time to meet the requirements of stable operation and in accordance with the characteristics of IP networks using technology to enable Qos guarantee real time audio and video package more reliable transmission with superior Anti jitter network transmission capacity Unique dynamic dual streaming no other aids such as video boxes thus reducing a lot of hidden faults and ensure the normal conduct of the meeting from the network of factors Centralized gateway management is also enhanced security br br Compatibility the system support different rates of terminal access and through the voice gateway pure voice telephone access convenient out to join the video conference br br So far provincial Water Resources Department also have using RADVISIONMCU platform 2 of the video conference system have been built in Shandong Hebei Shanghai Hubei Tianjin Wuxi Jiangsu Water Resources Department and gradually form the core RADVISIONMCU National Flood Control and Drought video conference system ')