Lake Travis Fun In The Sun

Bathe in the glorious heat of the sun with your friends and family. What better way to welcome the summer but with countless, exciting water activities with your loved ones. Plunge into the cool and refreshing waters of Lake Travis while the rest of the gang enjoys a soothing drink of tropical fruit concoctions.

Lake Travis Recreations and Enjoyments

Finding things to do and enjoy in Lake Travis is easy. Your being adventurous could definitely do you good. Forget about the workload and just think about all the fun in the sun you can experience. Think of this: fishing, boating, wind surfing, cruising, swimming, scuba diving, and even picnicking and camping. These are the great outdoor recreations you've been waiting to experience since fall!

The fresh and soothing waters could entice water sports enthusiasts and even first time interested learners like you. The recreations and enjoyments in the lake is even more played up with its multi class sailboats - colorful, comforting, relaxing and safe. Renting a Mansion-like houseboat allows you to live a glorious life in the middle of the lake's fresh waters to cool your temperatures that is surely on the rise.

Finding More Adventures in Lake Travis

Saying that this lake has the best of all worlds is an understatement. If the water has relaxed you, prepare yourself for more outdoor adventures. Prep up your energy and spend all your effort doing mud outdoor recreations, rock climbing and rappelling adventures as well as camping and even hunting -- for animals, that is.

These are only a few of the countless outdoor activities you can enjoy at Lake Travis that would surely make your vacation the best you've ever had in your lifetime.

Food, food, food

Completing your stay at Lake Travis could only be done by enjoying the wide variety of foods you can eat at the area. Satisfying your palate's insurmountable cravings for good, exotic, and stomach filling foods and dishes is possible and affordable as well. A safe and conducive abode for tourists completes the Lake Travis adventure. Leave all your worries behind and just have, literally, fun in the sun.

The highland lakes and reservoirs

Lake Travis boasts of a rich history. In 1942, Lake Travis was constructed as one of Colorado River's reservoir and has since then been considered to have the largest storage capacity among all the other lake's in the vicinity. It is joined by six other reservoirs namely Lake Buchanan, Inks Lake, Lake LBJ, Lake Marble Falls, Lake Austin and Lady Bird Lake, that constitute what is otherwise known as the Highland Lakes.