How to Reconstruct a New Landscape Park After Flooding

When there is severe flooding in an area there is always an impact on the surrounding ecosystem. The largest challenge of rebuilding after a flood is restoring the degraded environment whilst also adding flood control, especially if the water is highly polluted. The restoration plans are agreed with the engineers and are drawn up by landscape architects before the actual reconstruction. The reconstruction itself can take several years and may need to be carried out in phases with different specialist contractors. One of the main aspects of the reconstruction is to reinvigorate the soil in order to prompt the growth of a living ecosystem.

Flood control may also include the creation of a wetland to buffer between the park and the constructed levees. This wetland can also be used to treat the contaminated water in order to make it useable for non-potable services. This added area of wetland is popular in many areas and also has a dual action of educating the public and assisting in further research of natural resources. The flood wall can also be replaced but there is always the option of making it more habitat friendly for native species of plants to grow along the waterline while still protecting the riverbank from eroding.

Other benefits include a terrace or walkway to enrich the landscaping along the wetland to encourage people who come to the park to experience the wetland as well as the park itself. If there are damaged buildings in the area they can be used to the park's advantage by being turned into hanging gardens or turned into a platform for people to observe the gardens from above. There are numerous ways and methods to reuse old material in terms of creating a form of art, perhaps using some to create the board walks as well as for sitting areas and sheltered quiet areas along the landscape park. Enhancing biodiversity of the new landscape is also an added benefit as there is the opportunity to renew landscape planting for the benefit of wildlife and visual amenity.

For any good come-back there is a need of a structured recovery plan.