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Hawaii Vacation Rentals Are Vacation Heaven   by Ellen Gentry

in Travel / Vacation Rentals    (submitted 2009-09-25)

Hawaii vacation rentals are vacation heaven, especially when it comes to scenery. But even wonderful scenery would be clouded without great accommodations, and Hawaii delivers on that. It's easy to just make a call and have an agent put a vacation package together, but it's much more fun to go online and look at all the excellent options available, and they're complete with descriptions, phone numbers and online reservations.

One example of these would be the family beach homes centered in the Hanalei area of Kauai's north shore. They're lined along three miles of a white sandy beach that's bordered by high tropical mountains. Bursting out from the mountains are breathtaking waterfalls that will take your breath away. There are eight homes located on this beach offering a variety of accommodations suitable for different vacationing needs.

Wisely, Kauai's vacation rentals are never very far from downtown shopping, fine dining and restaurants. The scenery in Hawaii has a reputation that's untouched and untarnished. From the white beaches to the turquois water, you're sure to think you've died and gone to heaven. And you'll feel as if your heart has been washed away with the sight of every waterfall.

There are numerous services available that can arrange a vacation package for you. They can assist you with rental cars, discounts on airfare, and provide you with a suggested list of activities available in the area you plan to visit. There are so many different activities to partake of in Hawaii that one visit won't allow enough time to experience them all.

Tourist attractions are what keep vacationers coming back year after year. In Hawaii there are so many things to see. You can visit the battleship Missouri and the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu. View the world's most active volcano at the Volcanoes National Park on Hawaii's Big Island, take in the "Grand Canyon" of the Pacific on Kauai or discover rare plants and stunning sunrises and sunsets at Maui's Haleakala Crater.

If you're worried about getting bored and being tired of laying on the beach, well, don't be. There's sport fishing, bicycling, hot tubs, night clubs, playgrounds, game rooms, fitness centers, beauty shops, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, tennis, golf, parasailing, scuba or snorkeling, whale watching, surfing and an endless list that goes on and on.

Hawaii vacation rentals are vacation heaven simply for some of the reasons mentioned above. Besides the great accommodations provided by Hawaii rentals, the entire island chain is alive with things to entice you into having the time of your life, and a vacation you'll never forget.