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Green investment chain to implement flood control up to start restoration of habitat - ecology, poll   by jekky

in News / Business News    (submitted 2010-07-27)

From the State Environmental Protection Administration approved two years ago agreed to nation-building "eco-industrial park" since the Wuxi New District 19, will usher in the provincial inspection group of the assessment. Development so far, New proud, in addition to accounting for 6% of the city's population and land, creating a total of more than 15% of the city's GDP and local general budget revenue, more fresh air and pleasant scenery Ecological Environment.

Interpreting the ecological environment for the new district, is a series of data: million GDP Comprehensive energy consumption 0.23 tons of standard coal, COD emissions of 0.45 kg, SO2 emissions by 0.61 kg, far better than the national eco-industrial park standards, hazardous waste treatment rate of sewage centralized treatment rate, Garbage Harmless treatment rate of 100%; last region to complete afforestation 4285 acres, built-up area green coverage rate reached 42%.

The concept of ecological New kernel, bear the brunt of ecological industry. In the development of high-end manufacturing and high-end services, the new area through the "green investment" implementation "up" strategy, the "industrial chain" to "industrial ecosystem." New area in recent years the introduction of targeted Hynix, Lanxess technology semiconductor wafer and R & D enterprise, there are the introduction of targeted technology race tin, Central Resources, Switzerland and other high-level priority sayfo recycling company, to achieve multi-regional energy use and waste minimization, recycling of a resource's "industrial ecosystem" is taking shape. Technology to the end game of tin handled a total of 7,500 tons of waste cutting fluid used to produce 2,500 tons of silicon carbide, polyethylene glycol of 3,000 tons, saving silicon cutting the company spending a lot of money.

Best pollution prevention is to control the entire production process. In the new area, a "manufacturing project evaluation approach" to resources, energy consumption, high pollution, poor environmental behavior of enterprises in the park outside the bar. At the same time, clean production enterprises in the zone be stationed in the consensus, "reduction" of the production enterprises of gold, the source reduction through product design, production process in the process of reduction, etc., to achieve the water conservation and reduce emissions of toxic substances. Currently 73 companies completed new area of cleaner production audit, nearly 300 programs and 1,000 clean production of cleaner production implementation of the project, saving 416.4821 million kilowatt hours every year, saving 225,200 tons, 90 tons to reduce COD emissions.

To create eco-industrial park demonstration garden, the pursuit of the ecological measure of the entire region. New this year to carry out environmental restoration projects, especially the implementation of Water Environment Comprehensive improvement of livelihood projects put on the list of top ten of the new section of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Bo dereliction of duty in Hong Kong, and other major rivers dug Wangyu source interception, landscape restoration, plans to invest six billion yuan within 3 years, not only has crystal clear water, but also China's first artificial river to reproduce the ecological corridors, cultural corridor, the beauty of the green corridor. Currently, the streets of New towns garbage treatment rate of 95% or water to achieve four functional zoning requirements, environmental met Grade II air quality.