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Fuel Savings are Reality for EnviroTab Users   by Sam Seegars

in Shopping    (submitted 2010-02-15)

Progress is being made and a number of people are testifying to the positive effects of adding EnviroTabs to their automobile's tank at each new fill up.

Why wouldn't they?

The benefits are impressive for the wallet, as well as our planet. Lessening the footprint on our enviroment while saving money should put a grin on the face of every driver in the world. If you are driving anything with a combustion engine, you will save money and reduce your vehicles negative effects on our planet by simply dropping the world's first vitamin for engines into your tank.

Many years of testing has proven a reduction in tailpipe emissions with use of EnviroTabs. Now, couple this with a 10% and higher increase in miles per gallon achieved and you have a truely green product that is widely desirable and easily attainable by every consumer.

EnviroTabs are available worldwide and they are guaranteed to save you money on gas, diesel and E85 fuel.

Here is an example of fuel cost savings achieved by using EnviroTabs in your tank. For the sake of showing the math, here is an easy senario to follow. After following this example, plug in our own numbers and see how this would work out for your vehicle and budget.

If you pay $2.75 per gallon and your vehicle get 20 miles per gallon, and adding a small "pill" to your tank increases your miles per gallon by just 10%, you will gain an extra 2 miles per gallon of fuel per tank. That amounts to $5.50 you saved on gas you did not have to buy. The average cost of the product is $2 per tablet per 20 gallons of fuel. In this low end example you will have saved $3.50 per tank. That may not sound like much at first, but imagine the savings mounting up over time. After 10 fill ups, that's an extra $33.50 still in our pocket. Plus, you drove a longer distance on the same amount of fuel. Recently, I have heard drivers claim, using EnviroTabs has rewarded them with up to an additional 19% in fuel economy and nearly twice the savings of this example.