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Flood control, the new "phenomenon: the south of Yangtze River pollution control sample 3   by jekky

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Facing the severe situation, Jiaxing, by virtue of the courage to face the problem, the courage to open up trails, tough personality fear of social responsibility, to declare war on agricultural nonpoint source pollution. Throughout the city learn from industrial development district concept, and some breeding areas through construction, implementation of centralized collection and processing of pig manure; some by gas to generate electricity so that turning waste into useful manure; some villagers culture through the implementation of the Convention, to strengthen village self-restraint power...... in 2008, Tongxiang City, Department of Agricultural Economics, first imported from the fermentation of pig bed zero emission technology, using new concepts and microbial natural agricultural processing technology, to promote eco-pig model.

    Jiaxing approach has been the Deputy Governor Chen affirmed the Canadian dollar. In his view, from traditional farming to modern ecological farming, is a revolutionary change, which not only solved the pigs and other livestock waste pollution, food safety, farming efficiency are greatly improved. Jiaxing formed by the process of ecological culture of agricultural nonpoint source pollution control in the "South Lake model", the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Environmental Protection has been the recognition of experts and selected Central Organization Department and teaching materials, as officials learn pollution throughout the country as a specimen.

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    ?? Interview with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences Academic Committee Jin Jianming

    In recent years, Jiaxing City, emission reduction by industrial restructuring, pollution reduction and system innovation project emissions, efforts to improve urban water environment, ecological civilization, the city presents a beautiful environment, positive interaction between economic development and environmental protection a good situation.