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Flood control and prevention   by Kathleenchester

in Home / Home Repair    (submitted 2020-01-23)

If your house lies in an area that tends to flood, you may want to look into flood control procedures to help protect your basement and the rest of your house. Finished basements are often homeowners pride and joy. These areas are ones that homeowners often spend thousands of dollars and possibly countless hours converting from a dingy concrete space into a comfortable living area. Even if the basement is unfinished, the last thing any homeowner needs is a large amount of ground water or sewage leaking into the space.

There are many things that can cause a basement to flood including too much rain, overflowing bodies of water, or even leaky or breaking pipes. If you are concerned about any type of flood control in your basement, you should be proactive about flood control.

The best thing you can do in terms of flood control is work on prevention. Before you have a flooding situation on your hands, think of things you can do to prevent such a situation from occurring in the first place. Walk around your property and look for ways to direct rainwater away from your basement and house. Think about extending your down spouts and gutters to make sure they take the water far enough from your home. You will also want to check to see that the grade of your hard slopes away from and not into your home.

It is vital to keep the gutters clean from leaves and other debris all year long. Gutters that have blockages of any nature can cause all of the water to dump off the roof in one spot, right against your foundation. That could result in a flooded or leaky basement.

Another idea, though it may not be fun, is to walk around your house during a heavy rainstorm. The goal is to see where the water runs when it rains. If you find that the water is going towards your house, you may want to contact a landscaper or excavator to help you direct the water away from your home.

Sump pumps are also a good idea for those who might have basement water issues. These sump pumps offer the first line of defense against any basement water issues. Reliable sump pumps take the water that would go into your basement and direct it to another area.

If you are still highly concerned about your basement, add flood insurance to your home plan to further ease your mind. That way, if a flood occurs, at least you are protected.