Finding The Best Vacation Rentals For You

There are various types of rentals available if you're planning a getaway at the beach. If you're looking at all the possibilities, it's helpful to refine your search by deciding what you're looking for in lodging. Are you looking for space large enough to host a group or a cozy romantic room for you and your sweetie? Is your budget tight or is the sky the limit? Are you staying for a night, a week, or a season? Do you plan to spend lots of time inside or will you be out around town for the most part? These are all important questions to ask yourself when searching for the perfect place for you. Some options to check into include hotels, condos, and beach houses.

Hotels are fine for a group if you book multiple rooms because a single room will be too small for multiple people. The number of beds usually defines the maximum number of guests and the people who are willing to sleep together on king or queen sized mattresses. If you're planning to have four guys from work stay in one room with two double beds, there will be a problem. Most guys won't be comfortable with that and some attitude problems, insomnia, and floor camping could occur. If you're just looking for a place to spend the night or don't plan to be in the room much, these options may suffice as rentals. Hotel prices range from dirt cheap for bare bones rooms to pricey for rooms with comforts galore.

Condos are the next step up in spaciousness when it comes to rentals. These units often have at least one bedroom separate from the living room but may have two or three bedrooms. This could work for family vacations, girlfriends' getaways, or romantic trips. Condos are preferable for stays because they are fully stocked so guests won't have to go out to eat for every meal. A typical condo will have linens for the bed, board games and puzzles, kitchen with fridge, microwave, stove, cookware, and dish settings for four to six. Condo prices vary by season, square footage, and length of time booked.

Beach houses make great rentals for large groups or families with several kids along. They may have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, might be right along the shoreline or at least within walking distance. Kitchens also come fully stocked in this possibility so they're great for longer-term stays. The price tag will again depend on season, square footage, and length of time booked. Just how luxurious the place is will also play a part in cost. There are some beach houses that look as if movie stars have stayed there and there are other options that are quite modest.

Location, location, location is as important in vacation rentals as it in purchasing real estate. First step is to decide where you're looking for rental properties. Then refine your search by asking yourself questions about number of guests, what your budget is, length of stay, and whether you plan to spend more time inside or outside.

By: aayana