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Environmentally Friendly Printing a Best Solution to Save Our Environment   by Shijina

in Business / Public Company    (submitted 2011-02-21)

Apart from this it is being ranked as third largest consumer of fossil fuels after automobiles and steel manufacturing.

Print industries on an average make use of trillions gallons of water. Other substances which come into the contact of print are like bonding-agents, adhesives, and foils. The utilization of these substances along with the print and packaging process will turn the final product unrecyclable and thus it turns out to be landfill stuff.

Apart from this the other material which is utilized is petroleum-based inks. These inks are very toxics and foremost element to damage the environment of our planet. The presence of diversified organic compounds in such inks will wreck up the soil and underground water.

The only available option available to save our planet is to follow the pathway of eco-friendly printing. Eco-friendly printing is the possible way to get rid of the harmful substances which are damaging the environment of planet earth. This is possible only if the industries replace their print process and effectively utilizes the environmental friendly products. Eco-friendly printing is the best solution to bring down the expense involved in print.

Today the most important priority given by each and every individual is towards the conservation of the forest. As now we have crossed the deadline in polluting our environment, therefore the need to save our natural resource has become important for every person.

It is well known fact to produce one ton of papers it requires 17 trees to be chopped down for this purpose. We have to conserve our natural environment from the harmful chemical emission and other harmful substances. It is not possible to completely stop the production of the paper, but by following some useful tips it is possible to save our environment from harmful substances.

As the production of papers requires more chemicals for the printing activities, it is now important not to overlook the printing activity. Printers or the printing industries must follow the Environmentally Friendly Printing techniques.

Environmentally Friendly Printing is the only solution for the better conservation of our forest. And to follow such it will not take away any of your extra money and hard work from you. The process of printing will be same and the result of point too. The only difference that you are going to bring by following the Environmentally Friendly Printing is replacing your petroleum based inks to the soy based inks.