Enviro Steamer - The Ultimate Innovation in Mop Technology

Do you hate cleaning the floor with a traditional mop and bucket because it takes so much time and leaves more of a mess than what you were able to clean in the first place?  I used to clean my floors using an ordinary mop. It would take me over an hour to do the job. Then while waiting for the water to dry up the kids would walk around and the floor would be dirty. 

I wanted to buy a better mop and I went online in order to do some research on the topic. After surfing through a couple of forums and review sites, I decided on buying an Enviro Steamer mop. Steam technology is the new thing when it comes to mopping one's floors. The advantage of using steam is that the wet portion of the floor automatically dries up right after it is cleaned.

Therefore, you no longer have to wait for it to dry anymore. It is also very helpful for those who have allergies or have loved ones with allergies. By using a steam mop you don't run the risk of scattering dust around the house. Plus, the device can clean your floor without the use of any harmful chemicals.

The thought of being able to clean my home faster while saving money at the same time was too good to resist, so I decided to buy the Enviro mop and give it a try. Needless to say, the mop passed the test with flying colors. It even had a swivel neck so I could clean under sofas, lounge chairs and other hard to reach places.