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Ber Certificates Dublin- Developing Energy saving Enviroment   by Alice

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Under the Irish Government Regulations, from the 1 January 2009 a BER Certificate must be prepared by a registered BER assessor in respect of all buildings for sale or rental after 1 January 2009. It will give an indication of the energy performance of a building that is covering energy use for space heating, cooling, water heating, ventilation and lighting. Like the existing rating of electrical appliances the rating is based on A-G energy rating scale with an A rated building is being the most energy efficient and G being the least efficient.

The BER Certificates Dublin must be provided to prospective buyers or tenants when a building is constructed, sold or rented. A BER Certificate must be accompanied by an advisory report setting out recommendations for cost effective improvements to the energy performance of the building. However there will be no legal obligation on sellers or prospective buyers to carry out the recommended improvements.

There are exemptions from the requirement to produce a BER Certs Dublin for certain categories of buildings, for example protected structures and certain temporary buildings. The calculation of energy rating includes building fabric, ventilation, space and water heating, and lighting. These values coupled with measurements taken from the drawings of the property culminate in the achievement of an energy label. There is a scope of improvement in the energy efficiency by increasing the insulation in the walls and floors, installing advanced energy efficient windows or doors, replacing an old or inefficient boiler with a more efficient boiler, installing modern heating controls, installing certain types of renewable energy heating systems, insulating the hot water cylinder and pipe work.

Provisional BER Certificates Dublin can be applied for to produce to potential buyers or tenants, for buildings in the course of construction being sold off the plans. These provisional BER Certificates will be based on the initial construction drawings and have a validity of a maximum of two years. Provisional BER Certs Dublin should also include any recommendations for improvements that can be made to the Building Energy Rating. Once the building is completed a final BER Certificate must then be produced to the purchaser based on the plans of the property as constructed to take account of any design changes during construction. Certificate is valid for ten years provided there is no material change to the dwelling that would affect the energy performance.

In case of breach of the rules and regulations or failure to produce a BER Certificates Dublin renders the person concerns, you may have to give a sound amount of fine or in case of obstruction it may also include a term of imprisonment.