Affordable Dominican Republic Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals are favorite tourist rest places during their stay away from home. There are many reasons why tourists prefer vacation rentals over hotels. One of the primary reasons is the feeling of "home away from home". These vacation rentals charge much less than hotels. Let me elaborate a little more about vacation rentals before I focus on Dominican Vacation Rentals. A vacation rental is a house with many modern amenities that one can call luxury. This can be anything trivial from daily maid service to high end luxury like sauna and an in-house gymnasium with a private swimming pool. Dominican Republic is a tourist hotspot from many years. However in recent times tourists from United States, Europe and Asia have been frequenting the place more regularly.

These tourists with substantial amount of money in their pockets prefer staying in a vacation rental with modern amenities. Owner of Dominican Vacation Rentals have responded suitably with many modern vacation rentals coming up in the region. The rates in a vacation rental are generally charged on a per week basis. In the Dominican Republic vacation rentals can have anything from 2 to 6 bedrooms. A family can walk into a vacation rental and get the same feeling of their home. This is what makes vacation rentals better staying options than hotels. Just in the case of hotels the charges of vacation rentals will vary as per the seasons. It is important that tourists do a thorough research before booking their rentals.

There are various offers that are available round the year for Dominican Vacation Rentals. Online portals which list vacation rentals are in a better position to track and inform visitors about the offers. Tourists can get a host of benefits while staying in a vacation rental such as money exchange services, personal assistants, cellular phone rental, concierge Service and many more. These services are comparable with what is offered in a star hotel in the Dominican Republic. It is anyone's guess that vacation rentals are in high demand during the peak seasons. Therefore tourists planning to visit should make their bookings in advance to ensure that there is no disappointment. The second best option to vacation rentals is studio apartments which cost less but offer a comfortable living to the tourists.

What an average tourist would be looking at is an affordable vacation rental. In the Dominican Republic, there is no dearth of vacation rentals and condos for tourists but in the peak seasons even that is not enough. Without proper branding and a larger umbrella to market their services, vacation rentals are sometimes overlooked by tourists. However, online portals are bringing them closer to customers. Customers simply like it. In the present economic downturn travelers are looking for cheaper options to stay and vacation rentals are the right fit. Seeing the growth many people are jumping into the fray in the unorganized sector. It would not be long before we see active participation from larger players in the vacation rental space.

By: Lisa Fullerton